Human/Class discusses the ever-growing economic inequality in the United States and around the world. Since the 1970's the gap between the rich and the poor, in America, grows wider. The middle class has been squeezed to almost nothingness. How far will this inequality go? I believe that when only money becomes our focus we become emaciated beings, starved for meaning. Are we defined by our humanity or are we only defined by our class?

Medium: Spray paint and photomontage on a re-purposed framed picture found in the trash



Liberty and Justice For All? is a discussion about that line in the Pledge of Allegiance. Is there really liberty and justice for all?  I don't believe so. In the background I think out loud. I am thinking about if I don't have liberty and justice what do I have, and what can they not take away from me?

Medium: Oil on canvas


And liberty.jpg

This untitled work discusses gender inequality and how it breeds violence, hatred, and ultimately death of women. 

Medium: Ink, acrylic, and found images on paper and hard panel board.

20171204_112223 (1).jpg

Devour the Wild discusses the removal the wild from the women. I was thinking about how women have been domesticated over time. How rape culture, low wages, forced marriages, lack of educational opportunities, expectations to bare children and keep the home, unreasonable social expectations of beauty, and the idea of the female being inferior to the male devours the wild in women. Devours our freedom and our true self.

Medium: Ink, acrylic, wax, paper, pages of book, found words, gel medium on hard panel board



The World's Great Mom discusses the reality of climate change. We can not survive without Mother Earth. 

Medium: Coin purse, pennies and dimes, ribbon, text on multipurpose paper