A changed mind

The 2017 steampunk themed art show will be without my creative display.  I have relented to the idea that anything I did would either look like I tried too hard or seemed stereotypical.  In my efforts to create something related to Steampunk the best ideas I had were three dimensional.  So in the end, I ditched the show as an opportunity and am looking forward to visiting it on opening night.  I wonder what other people think of when it comes to Steampunk?

Now there were supplies lying around; bolts, nuts, sheet metal and new metal snippers.  Then a thought chimed into in head.  "Tree charm!"  With a bit of fishing wire and beads and one misfit hubcap, I made a shiny and sharp "don't touch" tree charm.  I'm curious if the birds will nest in the hubcap. If so, then it's kind o a two-for-one deal. They won't be affected by the sharpness of the metal strips, if you were worried.